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Know Labs is an innovation company focused on bringing its cutting-edge developments in spectroscopy into the personal healthcare market and providing transparent quality information for the investing public and high value consumer products.

HUNDRED OF MILLIONS of people around the world suffer from diabetes and pre-diabetes. Our primary focus has been to build non-invasive continuous glucose monitors for these consumers. They are based on our proprietary Bio-RFID™ technology platform.  
KnowU and UBand will allow people with diabetes to take glucose measurements as often as they like with no fingersticks or other invasive processes. After we obtain FDA approval, they will become the world’s first non-invasive glucose monitors and clear ‘best in class’ products in a $21B+ global market.  

KnowU and UBand can also measure other molecules of value in the body that have their own large addressable markets. After a process of discovery, each ‘discovered’ molecule can be measured by the Bio-RFID sensor. Therefore, a KnowU or UBand user will be able to subscribe to multiple monthly services, some for medical reasons and others for lifestyle. 

Our Goal

Know Labs is committed to furthering the science of spectroscopy so we can understand our bodies better.

This begins with a focus on the nearly 500 million people living with diabetes and 1 billion people with pre-diabetes. The Company’s goal is to provide an inexpensive entry for people with diabetes and pre-diabetes to continuously monitor their glucose levels, accompanied by a competitive monthly subscription fee compared to existing solutions. 

This is a near term goal.

Building upon its technology platform the Company plans to identify other molecules which will provide useful and life saving information to enhance the health and wellness of even more people around the world.    

As an emerging company, you want to understand and embrace the entrepreneur’s vision for the enterprise.

As an investor in Know Labs, or any technology company for that matter, transparency should be the first order of business. Keeping in mind the proprietary nature of a company’s technology, can you learn enough to make an informed decision? 

The Company has provided several videos of the bench-top prototype test results compared to FDA-approved minimally invasive continuous glucose monitors already in the marketplace. The Company also provides access to its data in the FAQ section of its website.

The Company has detailed its Intellectual Property strategy and lists its issued patents in its annual and quarterly filings with the SEC. Current and potential investors are welcome to visit the Seattle laboratory to see the technology up close, on specified open days throughout the year. For more information about making a scheduled visit email

Investors considering Know Labs must be confident that the technology works and can succeed in the marketplace. You must have confidence in the leadership of the company and their commitment and capacity to achieve their stated goals. 


The day to day leadership of the Company is managed by CEO Phil Bosua, the inventor of the technology.

Phil has been a prolific inventor all his life. Of note, Phil created an application for the iPhone App Store on day one and went on to create more than 600 Apps. Later, he invented the world’s first smart light bulb “LIFX” - a light bulb controlled by a smartphone App. LIFX was supported by a $12.5M Series A investment from Sequoia Capital. Phil invented, built and shipped one million units to consumers within 3 years of coming up with the idea. Phil invented the Know Labs foundational technology and leads the team in creating our products and bringing them to market. Day to day he is supported by Know Labs Founder and Chairman, Ron Erickson, as well as the rest of the team.  

Ron is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and attorney who has been co-founding and investing in businesses for 40 years. He has sat on scores of boards of directors, chaired audit, governance and nominating committees and provided a lifetime’s worth of strategic guidance and practical real-world experience to many companies. He played a foundational role in MicroRim, creator of the first microcomputer relational database RBase, Egghead (software retailer), eCharge (internet transaction company), DoubleDown Interactive, and more. A more detailed background on Ron, including work history, early in his career as an attorney, and in health public policy at the White House and elsewhere, can be found here

Know Labs’ senior executives are assisted in their goal to deliver the KnowU and UBand into the market by Chief Medical Officer, James “Andy” Anderson, MD. Andy is an endocrinologist specializing in diabetes and cardiometabolic disease with over 40 years experience in both clinical trials and drug/device development. He worked for 25 years with Eli Lilly and Company in global positions including Medical Leader for Diabetes, Metabolism and Endocrinology, Intercontinental and Japan, and Senior Medical Director, Diabetes and Cardiometabolic Medicine of Lilly Research Laboratories.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board will provide guidance to the management team as KnowU and UBAND make their way through the FDA clinical trial process. Their insights and experience will be invaluable.

Dr. James Anderson

Dr. Anderson also serves as Chairman of the Know Labs Medical, Scientific and Regulatory Advisory Board. Current members of the Advisory Board include:     

Zan Fleming, M.D., Endocrinology 
Dr. Fleming  is currently the President & CEO of Kinexum, a company that provides strategic services for therapeutic product development covering the wide range of scientific, clinical, and business disciplines by professionals with extensive industry and/or FDA experience. Previously, Dr. Fleming was the Supervisory Physician at the FDA Center for Drug Evaluation and Research for 13 years, where he was responsible for the therapeutic areas of diabetes, nutrition, and other metabolic and endocrine disorders.  

Larry Ellingson
Mr. Ellingson is the current Vice President of the National Diabetes Volunteer Leadership Council (NDVLC). He is the former Chairman of the American Diabetes Association and has served on several boards, including the European Association for the Study of Diabetes, International Diabetes Federation, and Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. He began his career and spent 30 years at Eli Lilly and Company, serving as Executive Director of Diabetes Care until his retirement.

Donna Ryan, RN, RD, MPH, CDE
Ms. Ryan is the former President of the American Association of Diabetes Educators. Ms. Ryan brings twenty years of experience in diabetes education and management. She currently serves as Regional Director of Population Health for Ascension Sacred Heart Health System and manages four diabetes outpatient and inpatient programs within Ascension Health. 

Corporate Governance

The Company is committed to excellence with its technology, its product development and the requirements of operating a public company in today’s environment. The senior managers are supported in those efforts by the Know Labs Board of Directors and by their professional service providers. The best place to obtain a comprehensive review of the management and board’s governance is from the Company’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. 


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We hope you will join us on this quest.