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Know Labs is an emerging developer of non-invasive medical diagnostics, focused on bringing the world's first FDA-cleared non-invasive blood glucose monitor to the marketplace. 

Know Labs Gen 1 Kitchen

Company Overview

Know Labs, Inc. is a developer of non-invasive medical diagnostics technology that uses radiofrequency dielectric spectroscopy to identify and measure a wide range of organic and inorganic materials, molecules, and compositions of matter. The technology can be integrated into a variety of wearable, mobile, or bench-top form factors.


Nearly two billion people around the world suffer from diabetes and prediabetes. The Company's first focus is a non-invasive continuous glucose monitoring device that will provide the user with highly accurate, real-time information on their blood glucose levels, assisting people with diabetes and prediabetes to manage these medical conditions.


As the leading worldwide IP holder in non-invasive blood glucose monitoring with more than 270 patents issued, pending and in process, Know Labs has created a defensible moat surrounding its technology.


Clinical testing is expanding as the Company continues to refine the KnowU, wearable non-invasive CGM and trade-secret algorithms on its path toward FDA clearance. Once FDA clearance is secured, the Company will become the world's first FDA-cleared non-invasive glucose monitor in a $21B+ global market.


The day-to-day leadership of the Company is managed by Chairman & CEO Ron Erickson.

Ron is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and attorney who has been co-founding and investing in businesses for 40 years. He has sat on scores of boards of directors, chaired audit, governance and nominating committees and provided a lifetime’s worth of strategic guidance and practical real-world experience to many companies. He played a foundational role in MicroRim, creator of the first microcomputer relational database RBase, Egghead (software retailer), eCharge (internet transaction company), DoubleDown Interactive, and more. A more detailed background on Ron, including work history, early in his career as an attorney, and in health public policy at the White House and elsewhere, can be found here

Know Labs’ senior executives are assisted in their goal to deliver the world's first FDA-cleared non-invasive glucose monitor into the marketplace by Chief Medical Officer, James “Andy” Anderson, MD. Andy is an endocrinologist specializing in diabetes and cardiometabolic disease with over 40 years experience in both clinical trials and drug/device development. He worked for 25 years with Eli Lilly and Company in global positions including Medical Leader for Diabetes, Metabolism and Endocrinology, Intercontinental and Japan, and Senior Medical Director, Diabetes and Cardiometabolic Medicine of Lilly Research Laboratories.

Board of Directors

Ron Erickson

Previously Chairman and CEO of eCharge Corporation, Chairman and Co-founder of Blue Frog Mobile, Chairman and CEO of GlobalTel Resources, and Chairman and CEO of Egghead Software.

John Cronin

Founder and CEO of ipCapital Group, Inc., a leading global advisory company on intellectual property strategy and monetization. 

Larry Ellingson

Former Chair of the Board of the American Diabetes Association, Founding Member of the Diabetes Leadership Board, and spent 30 years with Eli Lilly where he headed the Diabetes Care business unit. 

Tim Londergan

Founder and CEO of Tangibly, Inc., developer of the globe’s pre-eminent trade secret management platform, former CEO and COO of technology companies, Lumera, Wavefront Venture Labs, and Operem.  

William Owens

Executive Chairman at Red Bison Advisory Group, former Chairman of Century Link Telecom, and former Vice Chairman, US Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Jon Pepper

Previously Partner and Owner at Pepcom, Inc., the leader in technology showcase events. Previously founded Digital Focus newsletter, former technology journalist and columnist whose work appeared in The New York Times, Fortune, PC Magazine, and other publications.

Ichiro Takesako

President of M2M Technologies, Inc. and At Signal, Inc. and General Manager of Business Development at Sumitomo Precision Products Co., Ltd.


Advisory Board

The Advisory Board will provide guidance to the management team as they accelerate progress toward the FDA clearance process for the world’s first non-invasive glucose monitoring medical devices. Their insights and experience will be invaluable.

James Anderson, MD

Dr. Anderson also serves as Chairman of the Know Labs Medical, Scientific and Regulatory Advisory Board. Current members of the Advisory Board include:       

Mark Aloia, PhD

Dr. Aloia is the current Head of Sleep and Behavioral Science at Sleep Number, overseeing sleep science research, partnerships, and collaborations with the world’s leading physicians, researchers and institutions. He’s also held roles with Philips Respironics, been on the faculty at the University of Rochester and at Brown University and serves as an Associate Professor in the Section of Sleep Medicine and Department of Medicine at National Jewish Health.

Larry Ellingson
Mr. Ellingson is a Founding Member of the Board of the Diabetes Leadership Council. He is the former Chairman of the American Diabetes Association and has served on several boards, including the European Association for the Study of Diabetes, International Diabetes Federation, and Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. He began his career and spent 30 years at Eli Lilly and Company, serving as Executive Director of Diabetes Care until his retirement.


Satish Garg, MD

Dr. Garg is a Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics at the Adult Clinic of the Barbara Davis Center for Diabetes (BDC) at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. He joined the Barbara Davis Center in 1988 and became the Founder and Director of the BDC Adult Clinic. Dr. Garg has published over 350 original manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals and his research interests include the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic tools related to clinical diabetes management.

Jeff Hitchcock

Mr. Hitchcock is the Founder, President, and CEO of Children with Diabetes (CWD), an Honorary Member of the International Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes (ISPAD), and a recipient of the T1D Exchange 2021 Outstanding Parent Advisor Award. He founded CWD in 1995 in response to his then seven-year-old daughter’s T1D diagnosis in 1989.


Karmeen Kulkarni, MS, RD, BC-ADM, CDCES

Ms. Kulkarni is a certified diabetes care and education specialist, board certified advanced diabetes manager and registered dietitian. Recognized internationally for her clinical expertise and contributions to nutrition and diabetes management, Kulkarni has received numerous national awards from the American Dietetic Association, American Diabetes Association and Abbott Diabetes Care.

Donna Ryan, RN, RD, MPH, CDE
Ms. Ryan is the former Pre
sident of the American Association of Diabetes Educators. Ms. Ryan brings twenty years of experience in diabetes education and management. She currently serves as Regional Director of Population Health for Ascension Sacred Heart Health System and manages four diabetes outpatient and inpatient programs within Ascension Health. 

Benjamin Smarr, PhD

Dr. Smarr is an assistant professor at the Halicioğlu Data Science Institute and the Department of Bioengineering at the University of California, San Diego. His research has focused on unlocking the potential of continuous physiological data generated from wearables and related technologies for women’s health, education outcomes, long-term care and monitoring in illness of diverse populations.


Carl Johan Sundberg, MD, PhD

Dr. Sundberg is a licensed physician and Professor of Exercise Physiology at Karolinska Institute in Sweden and Head of the Department of Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics. His research is focused on human genetics, genomics and epigenetics in relation to exercise in elite athletes, in non-athlete populations, and in patients (cardiovascular, diabetes, psychiatry, oncology).

Meng Tan, MD

Dr. Tan is currently Professor Emeritus of Internal Medicine, Division of Metabolism, Endocrinology and Diabetes at the University of Michigan. He graduated with his M.D. from Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada, and completed his post-doctoral training in diabetes at the Joslin Diabetes Center, Harvard University and in lipoprotein metabolism at the Cardiovascular Research Institute, University of California, San Francisco. Prior to joining the University of Michigan, he was a Distinguished Medical Fellow, Lilly Research Laboratories and Global Medical Director, Diabetes Endocrine Platform Team at Eli Lilly and Company.

Jessica Zendler, PhD

Dr. Zendler is a Special Consultant at Rimkus and Adjunct Research Assistant Professor in the School of Kinesiology at the University of Michigan. Her work is focused on understanding the role of movement in injury, physical performance and health, and the use of wearable technology to monitor athletes.

Corporate Governance

The Company is committed to excellence with its technology, its product development and the requirements of operating a public company in today’s environment. The senior managers are supported in those efforts by the Know Labs Board of Directors and by their professional service providers. The best place to obtain a comprehensive review of the management and board’s governance is from the Company’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. 






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Events and Presentations

Q1 FY2024 Earnings Call
February 14, 2024

00:00 / 26:39

FY2023 Earnings Call
December 19, 2023

00:00 / 35:38

3rd Annual Bernstein CGM Disruptors Conference
November 2, 2023

Q3 FY2023 Earnings Call
August 14, 2023

00:00 / 43:17

Q2 FY2023 Earnings Call
May 15, 2023 

00:00 / 39:07

American Association of Clinical Endocrinology Annual Meeting 
May 5, 2023

American Physiology Summit 
April 21, 2023

Q1 FY2023 Earnings Call
February 14, 2023 1:30pm PST

00:00 / 23:20

FY2022 Earnings Call
December 20, 2022 1:30pm PST

00:00 / 13:01

2nd Annual Bernstein CGM Disruptors Conference
November 18, 2022


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