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Know Labs KnowU Device Inside Look

RF Dielectric Spectroscopy

Proprietary radiofrequency (RF) sensor measures glucose levels using dielectric spectroscopy by rapidly scanning a large range of RF frequencies.

It records voltage values detected at each frequency to quantify, with trade-secret machine learning algorithms, real-time continuous blood glucose levels.

The same techniques apply to a range of organic and inorganic materials to form the Know Labs spectroscopic technology platform. 

Blood Glucose is Our Priority

We are committed to making a difference in the lives of millions of people around the world.

Our journey begins with a focus on the nearly 550 million people living with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, and another 1 billion people with pre-diabetes.

Diabetes Scale

IDF Factsheet, 2021

Our Solution to Blood
Glucose Monitoring


No finger pricks nor continuously inserted transmitters


Proprietary machine learning algorithms manage and interpret large datasets to deliver accurate blood glucose values


No consumables & 

3x-5x less expensive

than current options


3D Data Improves
Clinical Accuracy

RF dielectric sensor safely sweeps through the full tissue stack (interstitial fluid, capillary blood, venous blood, cellular glucose) to a depth of over 10 mm to collect high-resolution voltage data at high speed, whereas the microneedle sensor in traditional CGMs measure interstitial fluid as a proxy for blood glucose

  • Antenna Array emits and captures radio wave signals, generates the “Energy Field” into 3D “Tissue Stack”

  • RF Generator enables frequency sweeps in the microwave spectrum, from 300 MHz to 4,400 MHz, at various intervals, 1.5M data points collected per hour.

  • Six key parameters, customizable with each sweep: power, frequency range, frequency step, dwell time, antenna permutations = >30,000 combinations.

Delivering High-Resolution Data

The RF sensor exploits the dielectric properties of glucose, including its ability to store electrical energy in an electrical field (known as permittivity) through a voltage reading received after broadcasting each frequency.

In Vitro Glucose Solutions Readings

RF spectroscopy sensor based on dielectric permittivity measures different concentrations of glucose in solution

In Vitro graph

In Vivo Blood Glucose Readings

RF sensors apply the same principle to measure blood glucose levels over 3-hour test

In Vivo graph

Non-Invasive Continuous
Glucose Monitoring 



Non-Invasive Wearable CGM



Adhesive, or strap for wrist or arm. Clip System allows for easy sensor attachment.



Multiple algorithms in development. See Know Labs Scientific Validation mobile app page

Data Storage

Data Storage

256MB flash storage, 40 hours of offline research data.



Ultra-low power consumption, onboard computer. Wi-Fi & BLW capabilities, built-in ML.



24-hour continuous use. Rechargeable.

Mobile App

Mobile App

Designed to companion the KnowU CGM device.
Enables advanced research.






Custom firmware supports the entire tech stack.

Gen 1 Prototype

Portable Research System


Completed June 7, 2023. Designed to validate the stability of the RF sensor outside of the lab setting and test among more diverse participant
populations and environments. 


“The prevalence of diabetes is growing globally at an alarming rate. Millions of people face significant barriers in accessing the technology and treatment they need to effectively manage their diabetes,” said Ron Erickson, CEO and Chairman at Know Labs. “Know Labs is committed to delivering an accessible, affordable, and accurate solution that improves the current standard of care and enhances the quality of life for those living with diabetes. The KnowU brings us closer to a future where equitable care in diabetes management will become a reality.”

-Ron Erickson, Founder, Chairman and CEO

Know Labs' Continuous Glucose Monitoring Device will connect to its smartphone App via Bluetooth and will be available on both the App Store and Google Play

GlucoseDashboard on mobile application

100+ Potential Applications

Know Labs' technology platform is a foundational technology that can bring the science of electromagnetic energy to low-cost, real-world commercialization opportunities across multiple industries.

Blood Glucose
Clinical Trials
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