Non-Invasive Medical Diagnostics

* Bio-RFID Sensor


Proprietary non-invasive diagnostic technology platform that uses radio waves to identify and measure what is going on inside your body.

Form Factor

A technology platform that can be integrated into a variety of wearable, mobile or bench-top form factors.

100+ Potential Applications

Bio-RFID sensors can identify different molecules in the body, such as glucose, oxygen, alcohol and metabolized drugs.


No needles nor invasive transmitters in your body, making Bio-RFID sensors convenient and pain-free.

No Consumables

Expensive supplies, such as test strips and lancets, are not required to operate Bio-RFID devices.

“The holy grail of the medical industry and patient care.”

James H Anderson Jr., MD, FFPM, FACE
Chief Medical Officer, Know L:abs
Former Senior Medical Director, Diabetes and CardioMetabolic Medicine, Eli Lilly and Company


Know Labs is developing a family of products that can non-invasively identify and measure molecules in your body.

Blood glucose is our first priority. By applying Bio-RFID to non-invasively measure blood glucose, Know Labs can improve how 2 billion people with diabetes and pre-diabetes manage their conditions.

On-demand and On-the-go

Continuous and Wearable

Know Labs is committed to making a difference in the lives of millions of people around the world.

Global Innovator

Leading IP portfolio in the Radio Frequency Spectroscopy space.

Medical Grade Devices

Medical-grade devices with high level of accuracy and seeking FDA clearance.

Affordable Solutions

Expected to be three to five times less expensive than current options.

Latest Updates

September 22, 2021

Know Labs Expands Non-Invasive Glucose Monitoring Product

Portfolio with Introduction of New KnowU™ Diagnostic Device

July 14, 2021

New Patent for Know Labs Marks Latest Step Toward Commercial Launch of Bio-RFID™ Non-Invasive Medical Diagnostic Technology.