Visualant, Inc. is now
Know Labs, Inc.
New Team Same Vision

Know Labs founder Ron Erickson and newly appointed CEO Phil Bosua have joined forces to reignite the vision and bring a family of consumer products to market.
We develop technology platforms that harness light and radio waves to uncover unique insights about the world.

View the original Visualant website and learn more about ChromaID.
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Know Labs, Inc. is a public company trading under the stock symbol VSUL
Phil Bosua
Ron Erickson
“One of the most promising companies I’ve come across in a very long time!! A great team and truly exciting technology that will make headlines. But don’t wait for some day or you’ll miss it!!”

-Rick Rutkowski
Former CEO Microvision
Know Labs uses its proprietary ChromaID® technology to identify unique molecular signatures in materials.
We have recently invented a breakthrough technology called Bio-RFID™ that will provide information to consumers about their health and wellness.